Monday, 10 August 2015

OOTD: Poolside Betty

A quick mini shoot and trip with the ever darling, Jessie Darling <3 

Jessie's fam has a trailer up north and what trailer park wouldn't be complete without the outdoor swimming pool. Got the chance to snap some cute portraits of her and some #OOTD snaps of me. Thanks again dollface ;)

<3 And now for some floral cutie <3

I adored this pool and the kitschy little patio attached. I think I'll have to make a second trip for more photos and maybe a dip :)


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Styling for the Skinny Girl: In My Experience.

There's a common misconception in the modern world that all slender, slim and skinny bodies are the epitome of fashion finesse, and that all silhouettes are compatible with any body type under dress size 4 (US). It's a common misconstrued idea that all slender body types suit all articles of clothing. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, and more and more we find slender women are having just as difficult of a time coordinating a wardrobe in efforts to achieve a certain look. Some feel their bodies don't have enough 'curves' (bullshit, btw) or are stuck comparing themselves to fashion trends that only cater to certain body types. We all know that feeling.

I'm writing personally out of my own experience, since the past 20 years I've been more than aware of my skinny/twiggy/scrawny body. I can't write to you about the endless positivity and self-love I have for my own body because it changes just as much as your may. But I do know that a great deal of confidence comes from knowing how to dress my body in order to achieve the look I desire. And I desire LOTS of looks and styles ;) my "stylemood" can range from Elvira; to Cinderellla; to androgyny; to boho/floral chic; to NYC streetstyle; to 90s grunge; to 50s bombshell or 50s sweetheart/prep ET CETERA. I don't think there are many style and style trends that haven't got my attention or inspired me (That being said, it also makes it very difficult for me to purchase singular items of clothing, as I try to make things interchange. Oops.).

Before I digress into a spiral of body-positivity hype - onto the tips and tricks I've relied on thus far in my self-coordinated style journey.

No.1 The Parallels
It's a well known that stripes have elongating and widening effects visually, and many avoid stripes altogether the avoid an unflattering look. Luckily, with the right technique, stripes have great value in the wardrobe of almost any body type.

The Hoirzontal
Wearing horizontal stripes will widen the figure, making it a great staple pattern for slim wearers. Full body horizontal stripes can work, but it works best if you break up the lines of wear by only wearing stripes on top or bottom. For longer torsos, crop tops and high waisted bottoms will balance out better. Short torso body types should follow the opposite, with horizontal striped bottoms and a crop top (regular tops are always an option, of course). Horizontal stripes/lines will also come into play later.

The Up and Down 
Vertical stripes
are THE staple to achieve a long-legged look effortlessly. Whether on a maxi-skirt or pants, this pattern will help make any bottom-piece look great. Vert. stripes are not recommended for tops on long torso and/or skinny body types in general as it can make the body appear lanky. This can depend greatly on the silhouette, so always try it on if you're not sure!

Diagonal lines
are a whole other story in the fashion world because they can have mixed effects on different body types, especially in pattern/textile. The physical design of a diagonal outfit can have positive effects on smaller busts, especially one-shoulder/asymmetrical dresses. Bias cuts of lines can add girth and depth to a look, but it can also square you out if it's too baggy. Take style advice from women in the 30s on how to wear the bias cut to it's potential, it was a special favourite for petite and small-chested women.

Left; OOTD with H&M high waisted trousers, striped crop top and Aldo chunky heels. Right; Claudette Colbert in The Sign of the Cross wearing an asymmetrical dress with asymmetrical accessories to accentuate curves. She was a 32b - 25 - 34. Her waist was supposedly 18-25" in approximation.

Left; Dolores del Rio in another variation of the asymmetrical dress. She was 33 - 25 -36. Right; More Colbert (in one of the early Cleopatra films) in a bias cut dress. Although she has a particularly small figure, the lines and cut accentuate her figure, and vertical pleats at the tail of the dress lengthen her legs. Diagonal lines instead of horizontal avoid breaking up the figure too much and lengthen.


Vivien Dress in Bright Blue  

The Vivien dress from Pinup Girl Clothing is a great example of a simple, yet elegant use of fabric and asymmetry to give a great look to a slimmer body. They also stock tons of striped separates and dresses at the moment!
No.2 Give Pants and Chance.
I know plenty of women who despise jeans, pants and fully-legged items alike, but if you haven't made amends yet, you're missing out. For the slender woman, pants elongate and smooth out a look. Even black pants won't make you look stringy if worn correctly. They hug shape and accentuate what slenderness is there, sort of like stockings or tights. The natural curve of the leg looks more gorgeous in a tight, stretchy pant. The legs look longer in a properly a fitted cigarette/dress pant. What else can you get from pants? Total comfort and coverage. Those who like to be more modest in their wear are already in the belt-loop about pant-love, and the more you get into it, the more comfort you can find in trying a variety of pairs. There are plenty of styles to choose from and these are just a few of my favourite.

High-Waisted, High-Standards
Especially with shorter legs/longer torsos, the skinny women will find a divine look in the right pair of high-waisted pants. They not only cinch the waist visually, but they lengthen legs and make a great base for heels. They can help style top pieces and jackets well by creating more asymmetry or pulling in the waist of an otherwise baggy (comfortable) top, thus being stylish on almost all body types. Paired with a verticle stripe pattern, and you've got legs for daaayys. 

I recommend low/mid-rise bottoms for short torsos (like a good pair of chinos) as the high-waisted can make the body appear lanky, but again, it will depends entirely on the pattern/textile/fit and overall body type. Don't be afraid to try things on, you might find something new you love that's tried and true! I have a long torso and still choose low-rise or mid-rise from time to time to work with my other clothing options. An outfit is a whole, it cannot rely on one clothing item to do all the work.

Skin Tight
 Skinny jeans may sound ludicrous as many find they slim the leg down even further. Which is very true if you're wearing very skinny, very black jeans/pants. In that case, I wouldn't recommend that combo, but on their own, they look phenomenal. Black bottoms on their own are streamline and play up your slim legs, and skinny jeans apply the very same effect on their own, accentuating the right parts. Together, you're compensating too much in the wrong direction, but if that's the look you're going for: do it! It's you're look.

Fitting "In"
Fitted pants are a dream for almost any body type. They're especially streamline and can create a variety of shapes. The cigarette pants is by far my favourite and it improves the look of my thighs/bottom impeccably (places I lack quite a bit).  Patterned cigarette pants can improve the effect even more.

Left & Right; The Deadly Dames cigarette pants in harlequin print create an interesting dynamic with the diamond pattern. The diamond shape combines the shape of all vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, thus widening and lengthening. A staple piece and a figure-must for skinny girls, since, you know diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Left; Disco pants are a staple and a piece loved by all body types for the accentuation of the legs, slimming effect and comfort when dancing ;) Right; High-waisted, fitted, pinstriped pants from Forever 21 are streamline and curved in all the right ways which pull out my hips yet cover the slenderness in my legs. The details also help create a classic vintage look ala Katherine Hepburn.


The Deadly Dames pants are a great example for slim pants that hug curves and accentuate the right places. Any kind of tapered trouser is going to give you leg benefits, like the pleated trousers from Forever 21 or striped and pleated from ModCloth. Flare and straight leg trousers may be beneficial, but if the flair is too large, it can overpower and make your thighs look slimmer and disproportionate. A little flair goes a long way with skinny people.

No.3 Dress to Impress

I typically like to avoid fashion "don'ts" when it comes to body type, because there are too many variables to simply say no to a single item on anyone. That being said, there are plenty of dress options that slim women can own like a goddess individually. Some other great dress styles to try are; babydoll, peplum, a-line, and shifts.

Sky's the Limit
Floor-length dresses look stunning on slender women, especially when paired with more vertical and diagonal lines (see Colbert above). They draw all the attention up the lines of the gown and onto the face of the wearer, resting on, but not clinging, to the figure. It is obvious what bonuses come from long-length dresses. Great for formal wear, but when wearing casual long-length dresses, be careful not to choose something too baggy as it can overcompensate the figure again like the flair pants.

Wiggle Room
As much as we all love the notorious fit & flare style dresses, sometimes it's best to get fit into a wiggle dress. With fit and flare it can be a hit or miss if the length of the skirt past the bodice isn't the right length to compensate for asymmetry. With a wiggle skirt, hitting just about the knees, this type of dress and widen the look of your hips and hourglass your toes to your shoulders!

Oh, the bodycon dress. A dress that makes wearing shorter lengths irrevocably fun. It's the standard of comfy, casual and makes a great general canvas for a variety of prints to buy. It can be your daytime staple to your nighttime party piece. Skinny girls, rejoice in the comfort, minimalism and modernity of the bodycon. This is one of the few ultra-stretchy styles I would recommend, and even the fitted, non-stretch styles are cute as heck!

Left; A sort of blend between wiggle and asymmetrical skirt, the Ava dress by Pinup Girl Clothing is the PERFECT cocktail, party or formal gown for the modern woman or vintage connoisseur. the belted waist and draping material hugs comfortably and won't fall flat on slimmer figures (photo by Alia Logan). Right; I wish I had a better and newer photo of me in this dress, because it's a fantastic example of the versatility the bodycon silhouette has to offer. It take the look of prints excellently, and ca be a great vibrant base for an outfit.


1861's beautiful selection of dresses (from Canada!) is a spectacle worth while. Not only do they carry some of the most gorgeous (and affordable) logn-length dresses, they carry sizes xx-small and up! For some fantastic wiggles dresses, you can't go wrong with Tatyana, or Pinup Girl Clothing as well. True vintage wiggles dresses, if you can find them or tailor them to a small size look phenomenal, especially the designs that were portrayed on high fashion models to be streamline. Lastly, ModCloth's patterned bodycon is a great example of lines and patterns working with a great silhouette to flatter smaller body types. The length of this dress could flatter any height.

No.4 Style in a Cinch

Coming back to those great horizontal lines, it would be ridiculous not to include a skinny-style essential: the belt. Belts are a great way to break up any baggy silhouettes or pull in the waistline. A belt is also a good must-have to for professional wear since a pair of pants without a belt looks unfinished or sometimes 'messy'.

Left; Coming back to the Ava, another great detail perfect for slim figures is the draped belt attached that you can tighten. This dramatically helps creating a curvy shape to the body despite any bust-waist-hips size (photo by Alia Logan). Right; Pinup Girl Clothing has a variety of wide or skinny belts in plenty of different sizes, textures/finishes and colours. As seen here, it breaks up the asymmetry even further and slims the waist. The wide belt is a great asset for vintage aficionados and skinny women (Miss Mosh pictured, photo by Laura Byrnes)


 No.5 It's All in the Fine Print

To fill out a great outfit on any skinny body, your go-to should be prints. Prints add depth, dynamism, and uniqueness, whether they're novelty prints or classic themes such as floral. Specifically large floral print is best, and direction of patterns is phenomenally important. Patterns/fabric/textures to try: psychedelic or sixties-esque, glitter or sequins, large and singular animal prints (always, every day, essential), colour block, ruffles.

Left; Deadly Dames tiger print pants are a dream pattern. Not just because it's bad-babe tiki, or because it's the ultimately sexy animal print, but because of the lines and curving shapes which add an illusion of roundness. Right; A large floral pattern on Emily helps bulk up with careful layering to avoid looking square. Note the bias cut used again.


ModCloth's maxi palm dress is a great example of patterns + maxi pulled together to make a great summertime dress. This combines factors that appeal to skinny figures really well (sort of the point of this blog post, right?). The second example from Nasty Gal is another great example of large floral prints, and as you can see on the model, it applies a very flattering layering illusion. 

When shopping bikinis, even the smallest suit can make the biggest splash with a bold print. Remember that print direction is essential in picking the right suit. Horizontal = wider, vertical = skinnier. H&M also regularly stocks a wide variety of harem, fitted and denim pants in great patterns for all seasons. Almost all fashion retailers will hold some sort of print collection, some are more print oriented than others, but you can find skinny-style-success with prints very quickly.

Bonus: Go With Your Gut

Sometimes, there is no such thing as a fashion "don't". In fact, I healthily recommend fashion "do" every day. This post is meant to be a bout of suggestions to add to your closet, not to rely on. I urge you to try new things and defy the so-called "rules" of fashion, because self expression is limitless. You are not limited by your body, but are given a canvas to do as you please. Don't be afraid to adorn your small bust with beautiful, lacy bras or striking black lingerie. Boyish and androgyny is in, and it's another example of how different body types can transform styles. Go for a bold one piece swimsuit, you're not restricted to tiny bikinis. Show off your long legs in mini skirts, and especially if you're a tall chick, don't ever, ever be afraid to wear heels. Be brave, be bold.

For BONUS outfit tips, check out the sister post SKINNY WEAR asap <3


A short polyvore post on some outfit inspiration based on skinny and/or petite body types featuring a variety of styles from grunge to princess for this summer.

Striped tights are trendy and lightweight, perfect for adding height to shorter legs and summer comfort. Wear maxi with or without tights for a grunge summer look. Careful layering with a tapered fringe jacket and harness belt will add a cinched look for curves. Trade the harness for a loose body belt to make the look softer.

A pastel garden princess look made with entirely ModCloth items:


+ more on ModCloth, and 15% Off ALL Dresses When You Spend $100

Back to the floral patterns and tapered trousers. A good slim leg with a pop of colour will do wonders for small figures, especially alongside coordinating floral prints on unique fits like a blazer. Finish off with mint and gold accessories and a pair of nude louboutins, especially the pigalle classic for a real and fresh city look.

Another ModCloth based look that includes classic 1950s style with modern babe appeal. Layering is a great technique to add to a skinny frame. Find more @ ModCloth.

For more on styling a skinny look, see the sister post Styling for the Skinny Girl: In My Experience.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Southern Bell [OOTD]

"Tonight was made for me and you.
You can ring my bell"

When you're torn between disco and western... why choose one? I'm starting to think I need disco pants in every colour and a collection of real western shirts, fringe and all. In fact, tinsley fringe... with sequins and sparkly things you might wear to Studio 54. I should seek out a pair of cowboy boots with wheels, now that I think about it.

A little fever of inspiration to get you goin and feeling the mood xx